Exhibition: 6/10/2018 - 11/11/2018


Performance: 3/11/2018


ZINOMORPH is a living, breathing, mutating Zine entity;— a sprawling, rampant 'zine' of surrealist comic panels torn free from their strip to ravenously redraw the boundaries of their pages. The Zinomorph maws form a symbiotic frame for artists to perform within and augment their actions. The Zinomorph installation set of strobing video projections, sculptural bodies, cartoon forms and biomorphic graffiti based text ( sampling quotes from influential Science Fiction films and novels ) is created from discarded photography backing paper and canvas-slag, detritus salvaged from alleyways and skips. Rather than signalling the death knell of subcultural movements, the Zinomorph creates a sonic disturbance in the finality of documentation, an intense burst of expression before the ink dries and the cover is sealed.


Zinomorph is a collaborative project where artists morph in and out of each other's performances. Zinomorph performances are 'Future Grotesque' in essence, channeling  high octane verbiage, ultra -distortion, hyper -hybridity and metamorphic energy. Issue 3 was performed at Chaos Magic space in Nottingham and featured the following artists ;


Miss HerNia (Lolly Adams) and The Table (Alexis Milne)

The Emperors New Instagram and the Fall Of the Artist (Richart Shields)

The HEAVY BREATH Co. (Tex Royale, Prince Massacre)

Scrabulous Anomaly (Alexis Milne) in the Re-Write Department with Jim Osman as Hooper The Intern

and Tex Royale as The Formidable Invoice 

The event also featured a comic panel talk with Cédric Fauq and the artists.


Zinomorph installation artwork by Alexis Milne and Tex Royale.  


Video animation by Tex Royale


Each installation of Zinomorph becomes a successive 'page' of the zines metaphysical, temporal biology. Zinomorph is Influenced by William Burroughs and his concept of words as viral entities, using cut up text and sampling/collage as means to recover and reconfigure context and meaning. 


Zinomorph has grown out of the live performance event entitled EVTV (Exquisite Vogon Television ) and features many of the artists involved. EVTV is a vehicle for solo performance projects and pushes a post apocalyptic, low-fi, sci-fi aesthetic within immersive video installations. The term 'Vogon' refers to the hostile and generally bad tempered alien race who demolished earth for an intergalactic highway in Douglas Adams' surreal sci-fi novel, TV series and film, Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy. The Vogons were infamous for bureaucracy and torturing their enemies by reciting their poetry, considered to be the third worst in the known universe. 


ZINOMORPH: https://zinomorph.tumblr.com/

EVTV:  https://evtv.tumblr.com/