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Winter Beaumont is a visionary artist and occultist working in illustration, ritual, installation, and participatory experiences. Their practice is inspired by folk magic, altered states of consciousness, and their own struggles with mental illness. Winter sees their work as a direct expression of occult praxis informed by an earth-based animistic belief system and an adherence to the notion of magic as the "art of change". Their work exists on the threshold between fine art and ritual magic; between the mundane and the arcane.


Winter is undergoing a process of research and development into the potential for collaborative art making within the realm of dreams, utilising lucid dreaming, guided meditation, and astral projection. They are also currently exploring the communal benefits of witchcraft and sorcery through an ongoing practice of ritual and magical service within their community, offering magical consultations, communal rituals, and workshops aimed at sharing esoteric knowledge with the public.

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