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Thorn Greensides is an artist based in Nottingham. Their work spans moving image, sculptural installation, and costumes. She manifests immersive hallucinatory installations and creating characters to live in their own worlds that you can get lost in; sparked by an interest in mental health, ecology, and sci-fi. She studied Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University where she curated exhibitions for Twitchel Gallery. She founded the collective Rats Nest in 2020 and is a core member of the artist-led space, Chaos Magic. Thorn’s artwork has been exhibited around Nottingham, London and Online.  As well as running workshops within Nottingham & being a freelance illustrator and Graphic Designer.


Their current practice is focused on building abject hyper-realities that embody magic, healing, and the interconnectedness of the natural world. As well as creating child-like clay and soft sculptures to dive into sensory issues. They are currently trying to kickstart their own business

Their artwork has been exhibited in Chaos Magic, Curious Tower, Windmill Community Gardens, Surface Gallery, Thoresby Street, Twitchel Gallery, and Bunkers Hill. They have also exhibited in London at Lumenn Crypt Gallery. They have also been featured online at @sadgrads2020 and @cvaneastmidlands.

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