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12th June - 4th July 2021

Terra Firma is an exhibition featuring three members of Chaos Magic; Becky Greensides, Adam Beaumont, and Harry Martin. It opens in conjunction with Share Bears, an exhibition of collaborative work by BACKLIT studio artists. 


Emerging from many months of collaborating together foraging, gardening, and performing woodland rituals, the work expresses a dissolving into nature. Becky Greensides and Harry Martin create costumes that allow the wearer to embody this way of being, whilst Adam Beaumont offers one-to-one mystical Henosis sessions designed to provoke a transcendent experience of vast universal consciousness. 


Plants burst from soft worm-like sculptures. Drifting ambient soundscapes and scents permeate the space. Sigils symbolising the sacredness of the land form constellations on naturally-dyed fabric. The self and it’s anthropocentric world-view is relinquished into a much wider, deeper, stranger, and darker ecosystem. 


Open Open Tuesdays , Thursdays, and Sundays 12pm-5:30pm. Due to the current situation, we're limiting entry numbers. You can book your slot on Eventbrite now - for the exhibition only slots there is one ticket per slot for one bubble of up to 6 people. The Henosis sessions are for one person only.


Book a Henosis session with Adam Beaumont + exhibition viewing slot HERE.

Available on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.


Book an exhibition only viewing slot HERE.



A participatory mind expansion exercise with Adam Beaumont.

Henosis (Ancient Greek: ἕνωσις ) is the word for "oneness," "union," or "unity" in classical Greek. 

Mystical experiences can be achieved through a variety of means, including but not limited to: meditation, entheogenic drug use, and sensory deprivation.

The technique used in Henosis is a way of achieving a mystical experience simply through thinking, and requires very little effort.

It is an adaptation of the “Vast Mind” exercise designed by YouTuber and Ceremonial Magician “Foolish Fish” who was inspired to make an accessible and free version of an expensive and copyrighted exercise designed by american spiritualist Dennis Merzel. This technique is an evolution of the “voice dialogue” technique developed by psychologists Hal and Sidra Stone. Its aim is to inspire a mystical experience in the participant by provoking certain thoughts through a simple role playing exercise.

It has been adapted and altered for an art exhibition setting by Adam Beaumont, an artist whose practice deals heavily with visionary states of consciousness and heterodox spirituality.


Content Warning

This is a very safe and beautiful exercise, but it can also be very intense. This exercise may involve accessing parts of the mind and thinking about one’s self in a way that may be distressing to some, such as those suffering from PTSD or other mental health problems. Participant discretion is advised. Participants are reminded that they may opt out of all or any part of this exercise at any time.

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