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A Virtual Residency



SPUR is a 6 month virtual residency to support the next generation of young artists, made up of graduating students of 2020.

From an open call there were 125 applications from across the world, and all been invited to join the SPUR COMMUNITY.

The SPUR participants are working over 6 months using a bespoke digital platform SPUR.WORLD, developed by Berlin based Omsk Social Club, which launched on 20th August 2020.

SPUR participants have formed an online community to explore uncharted processes of both art-making exercises of co-creation, commitment and imagineering.

Participants use self-built avatars and new pseudo personas, rather than their existing identities, finding new modes of thinking and creating.

Together we are forging an artist network without the usual boundaries enforced by IRL world, visiting virtual worlds, developing work through mentoring and peer-to-peer relationships.

16 of the artists are ‘CORE’ members, working more intensively across the 6 months. They attend weekly sessions which take place online, hosted by arts professionals from a wide range of backgrounds.

The SPUR Community benefit from sharing their work, meeting other recent grads, forming new networks and ideas about how to navigate the first steps of their careers as artists.

They are part of ‘Global Process for the Renewal of Reality’ (Esoteric Drift), the Real Game Play engineered by Omsk Social Club, and as the residency progresses access learning materials generated by the CORE group.

The CORE members of SPUR are:

Zhang OO, Sade Arellano, Nicholas Delap, Emma Dolan, Jordan Edge, Arieh Frosh, Benjamin Hall, Yifan He, Elijah Kennedy, Nayu Kim, Caroli Li, Kerolaina Linkevica, Niamh Lynch, Kinnari Saraiya, Alicja Lilianna Szpila and Ellie Towers.

The artwork developed during the 6-month programme will form a collective exhibition on a virtual platform specifically developed for the project, supported by a network of art spaces across the UK including London, Nottingham and Bristol.


SPUR is generously supported by Arts Council England, Chaos Magic, D-Unit, Arts University Bournemouth, Liverpool John Moores University, Cursor, WARP, School of Visual Arts New York, Resolume and Palfrey.

Digital Platform built by Built by Multimodal

Concept by Omsk Social Club

SPUR has been produced by Joey Holder.

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