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Poster designed by Kerolaina Linkeviča



Chaos Magic, Backlit Gallery, Nottingham

21 April - 21 May 2023

PV: 21 April 2023, 6-9pm

Open Saturdays, 12-5pm or by appointment


Chaos Magic presents ‘i'm neither nor but another secret third thing’ an exhibition featuring the work of two artists, Kerolaina Linkeviča and Yifan He.


Drawing from their unique backgrounds and experiences, both artists engage in the creation of new worlds through their multi-disciplinary practices. Linkeviča’s work is inspired by the imaginal world, a place populated by myriad creatures each embodying theories, mythos, and emotional histories. Their pieces inspire the audience to explore their inner worlds and engage with personal transformation, animism, and spiritual metaphysics. 


For Chaos Magic, Linkeviča has gestated a watery sigil being T3ā as a reminder and in aid of our individual and collective growth. From the membrane to the clay body T3ā echoes and calls for transformation. Flowing water washes the calcified experiences that cling to their body, fortifying wisdom and transmuting beyond mirroring our fluid expansion into Spring.


Yifan He explores queerness as the (im)mobility to pass borders and pass bodies. They use installations and virtual worlds to experiment with alternative ways of negotiating our relationship with non-linear experiences. 


He’s interdisciplinary approach allows them to create intimate spaces that blur the lines between individuals. tinking abt getting my top surgery ehehe is a kinetic sculpture comprising of lollipop sticks, metal skewer, cut-up wigs, silicone nipple, motor, and other Arduino components precariously put-together. The angel wings revealing the nipples beneath are full of the artist’s emotion and joy. 


“There’s joy thinking about running around topless like a boy, accumulated years of confusion, and the fear of hurting my grandma. When I use nipples in my work I am neither joking or serious but a secret third thing.” - Yifan He


Linkeviča and He both utilise a range of tools to create immersive and interactive encounters that challenge traditional notions of identity and realms of being. The exhibition takes its name from a meme which features in the space as a direct print on brushed aluminium of a blue wolf with the text “i'm neither nor but another secret third thing”. This is a nod to the particular internet culture which fosters shared discovery, play, and exchange. 


Embodying this same feeling, Chaos Magic becomes a portal into a new ethereal space of possibility. Enter here to discover your new reality.

List of Works

Yifan He, tinking abt getting my top surgery ehehe, 2023


Yifan He, i'm neither nor but another secret third thing, 2023


Kerolaina Linkeviča, T3ā, 2023

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