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Lead Programmer / Curator

Chaos Magic  

This opportunity is for a Programmer / Curator to direct and manage the Chaos Magic organisation, working in close collaboration with resident artist members.

Chaos Magic is a gallery and creative research space. The space is named after ‘Chaos Magic’ a belief system which aims to change reality through ritual practice. Using the idea that reality can be shaped and changed, our programme covers a broad spectrum of interests within art, spirituality, ecology, society, science and technology. Members of the space view chaos magic as a tool through which a fairer world can be manifested through cooperation and inclusivity. Through a peer-to-peer learning network and mentorship, members organise a public arts programme spanning a diverse range of events, exhibitions and workshops. 

This position is a paid opportunity for a period of 6 months with a fixed fee of £2500, with the option of continuing in the role if further funding is secured. 


If you are interested please complete the application form below and include three examples of your previous projects (jpeg/PDF). Please send your application to chaosmagicspace@gmail.com by 15th January 2021.

Please contact Joey with any questions or to enquire about the role: chaosmagicspace@gmail.com