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WEEK 3: The Plan?

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

So what should we plant? What should the design of the garden be?

Carys suggested it should be based around the four elements - earth, water, air, and fire. We could use the plants which represent these things, with advice from Lex, Wingshan and Joe our resident witches.

Kat suggested that we build a greenhouse structure that is attached to the large south facing wall, as we have lots of tomatoes seeds that we have planted which will benefit from this.

We made a list of the plants and herbs that we have already planted, as well as those which we would like.

Lex pointed out that we need to help the animal visitors - make bug houses, maybe a water feature, and sort the birds out with feeders.

MUSHROOMS! We have a dark space inside the Tower - Mo can help grow them in here.

Joey modelled the space in SketchUp, so that we can virtually plan.

We need another planning meeting!

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