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Week 1: From destruction comes rebirth

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

The Tower card in Tarot symbolises destruction; but from the rubble, blossoms new beginnings.

Teacher and activist Nat Hurstyfied has secured permissions for maintaining a small plot of land in Victoria Park. During the first week, Chaos Magic members and friends have begun sowing seeds at the project space; potting everything from mung beans to moneymakers. Later we'll be adding them to the Tower garden, but for now they're sprouting safely in the warm, on the windowsills of Chaos Magic.

The sowing was followed by an expedition to the site where we discovered a new familiar in the form of a mischievous ginger cat, who we've named Tobias. After a quick clean up we initiated the space with a spell outlining the future of the land; wishing to establish it as a safe space where everyone is welcome.

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