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Saturday 29th August 2pm - 3:30pm at The Curious Tower

Join us for an introduction to the principles of permaculture with artist and gardener Val Turton.

Permaculture is a way of designing growing spaces of all kinds to reflect the web of relationships within ecosystems, allowing them to be strong, healthy and diverse. It is based on looking at how nature works and responding to this, rather than imposing our ideas of what nature ‘should’ be onto it. The name comes from ‘permanent agriculture’ - a regenerative approach to growing that treads lightly on the land.

The conversation will take place in The Curious Tower allotment in Victoria Park, Sneinton – this is a community space using permaculture principles. All welcome.

The Curious Tower:

From March 2019 Chaos Magic members and friends have grown food and herbs on a piece of communal land in Victoria Park, Nottingham named 'The Curious Tower'.

The project was made possible by permaculture teacher and activist, Natalie Hurst.

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