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Omsk Social Club is a “futuristically political”, [i.e. unrealistic] immersive action group. They use traditional methods of Live Action Role Play (Larp) and Real Game Play (rgp) to induce states that could potentially be fiction or a yet unlived reality for the players. Omsk works closely with networks of players - everything is unique and unrehearsed. Omsk Social Club game designs examine virtual egos and popular experiences allowing the works to become a dematerialized hybrid of modern day culture alongside unique personal experiences.

Omsk Social Club proposes contents and makings as a form of post-political entertainment in an attempt to shadow-play politics until the game ruptures the surface we now know as Life. In the field this is called “Bleed”.

In the past Omsk Social Club has designed games that have introduced landscapes and topics such as rave culture, survivalism, catfishing, desire&sacrifice, positive trolling, algorithmic strategies and decentralized cryptocurrency.

Life today is merely an enhanced reality but lucidity is the potential paradise beyond the daily grind. They solicit “Cosmic Depression – Paradise without Ecology” as part of their unique cultural meditation. Omsk often creates work with a certain Cosmic Pessimism and positive trolling. Allowing problems of the non-human world to be explored through works of ultimate negation. Form as anti form is their ideal super structure. Declaring themselves as an untrend; They assumes the visage of art material poverty in their anti-nostalgic dystopia they are industrial by nature and de-gendered by style.

Omsk Social Club's experiences are designed to exploit the player/s senses through surplus alienation. After this stage is over, the player/s should feel a sense of meshed destiny with themselves, their character, the group and the landscape that surrounds them be it fiction or reality.
- anon (previous player)

Past players have likened “Omsk Social Club to larp what Dogma 95 was to cinema.”

Omsk Social Club will be organising a city wide RGP (Real Game Play) closely associated to LARP (Live Action Role Play) in September 2019 in association with Chaos Magic, Nottingham Contemporary, One Thoresby Street, Near Now and Wigflex Festival.

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