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nellie O’ is an artist informed by an interest in body modification and wearable sculptures. She is focused on themes of identity, expression and culture, with a particular focus on the blurred line between wearable art and fashion. She is an artist working with, but not necessarily directly depicting, the human form. This is based on an interest in the advancement and personalisation of human evolution and aesthetic.     

nellie O' specialises in the development of jewellery as a form of wearable art, and the personalisation of items to differentiate from the rigid self expression organised by capitalist fashion industries. By creating work that is wearable, like bespoke jewellery, but presented as artwork rather than fashion objects, these creations are free to be less limited by practicality, function, and comfort. Temporarily worn sculptures exist as semi-permanent body modifications, questioning the 'traditional' ways of modifying the body, which previously included restrictive fashionable clothing, piercing, tattooing, even surgery.

          nellie O’ challenges societal expectations to extrapolate on a corner of human culture that embraces the body as a blank canvas, or a building block, rather than as a final result.

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