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Richard John Jones & Sebastian Sochan

Opening Event
6 - 10pm

22/02/19 - 24/03/19

Join us at Chaos Magic "Fittings"; the first collaborative exhibition between Richard John Jones and Sebastian Sochan.




We have present feelings situated in change and accomplishments. How do we escape instability and the temporary nature of success? We have yet to come to being, we are still searching for those riches of accomplishments, and it is the development of our connections that we yearn to nurture. We plant the seeds of our endeavours and wait for the harvest.


We are always influenced by the authority of our past. How do we use the energy and inspiration of our vision? We look to the past for our passion and to bring it forward to the present so we may drive forward with the fire of creativity. May we channel all that has come before to feed our journeys now and in the future.


What lies in the shadows to influence us, and what blocks us from our goals? We do not strive for closure, completion or perfection, rather embracing the incomplete nature of ourselves and where we can end old paths and begin new discoveries. We can accept that everything is in progress, and our journeys are never completed.



What can expect from the unknown? What advice does the cosmos bestow to us? She influences us to look towards our intuition and our calm, compassionate natures. She asks us to be fluid, to allow for compassion within ourselves for each other.


What can we ask of the future? We look to the shaman for spiritual guidance, for direction of our souls, and for wisdom. We will come together for collective identity, and the social bonds of friendships and love. What can we teach one another? What will these processes of learning forge for us in these collective acts? We look towards divine knowledge to guide us in these unknown journeys.


Richard and Sebastian are brought together by their shared interests in fabric, materiality, and installation, as well as their expression of the queer self through their work. "Fittings" takes place within the Queer Spirits programme at Chaos Magic, organised by Joseph Winsborrow - a series of events and workshops exploring the magic and spirituality within contemporary queer lives.

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