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Saturday 1st June 12-5pm
Performances from 2pm
at The Curious Tower, between Victoria Park and St Mary’s Rest Garden, NG1 1DA

An entangled alignment
A breaking of silences
Throat and heart as one
I knit together my scar tissue
By being seen, by surrendering
By coming back to
A corporeal joy
A wonder at witnessing

An exhibition of artworks delving into an entangled alignment - becoming enmeshed in an ecosystem, recognising the dappled interplay of light and dark as integral to our own selves, and allowing this network of aliveness to guide us.

Reflecting these systems and processes, we are collectively exploring how artists can come together in new ways through sharing, talking and collaboration at the Curious Tower garden - an inner-city permaculture haven with a Victorian folly linking to the underbelly of the city.

Through this eccentric enmeshment, we hold each other, in alignment. We create the space to see each other in our conflicting perspectives, our mulchy messiness, the joy of our personal sovereignty. We uncover voices, symbols and ways of seeing that were previously unimaginable. We see that healing encompasses the process as well as the fruits of it.

Featuring work by

A publication weaving together words and images from the artists will be available on the day. Teas made with herbs from the garden will be provided.

Part of @greenhustlefest programming

Curated by @shivanikhoshia and @malachite_mouth

Poster by @minnforris with background drawing by @elysiabyrd

With thanks to @chaosmagicspace for support to make this possible.

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