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Chloe Willis is a Nottingham based creative, interested in visual arts and public programmes around knowledge sharing and artistic community building.


They are in an experimental and developmental stage of their practice that involves being part of making work with and for other creatives, developing their individual and collaborative strategies; involving technician and artist assistant work, organizing and facilitation, visual and text based storytelling around artworks and projects.


They run a queer reading group monthly as a place to facilitate litarary and anecdotal knowledge and resource sharing between queers in notts. 


In there personal practice lays an ongoing development of intuitive processes of making and writing, situating communication of emotion and bodily sensation around self-hood and relationships though poetics, paint and performance but resits fixity spilling out into many other mediums and beyond visual arts practicing.

You can contact them on insta @c.willis, email for work and personal enquiries and for enquirys about attending the reading group.

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