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Sunday 31st July 12-5pm

The Curious Tower,

between Victoria Park & St Mary’s Rest Garden, Sneinton



We think we know the land. We even think we own it. We seek to tame and subjugate it, to speed up its fruiting and disrupt its rest in order to reap every last grain of what is useful and pleasing to us. But we misunderstand: the land does not belong to us. We belong to it.


The works shown here seek to be integrated with the natural rhythms of the land - the gentle cleansing of the rain, the arc of the sun across the sky, the growth and decay of plants - so as to remember this belonging. There is a welcoming of dissolution, knowing that in this is the seed of re-becoming, and also of a longer, slower approach to time than our normalised frenetic pace - some of the works will bear fruit after being left in the garden for months after the exhibition. The spirit of the land is evoked in sculpture, looming and threatening - a reminder of the increasingly terrifying repercussions of the violent misunderstanding of seeing the land as ours. The ghost of the river running deep under the Tower is encountered by underground explorers and evoked at the surface - a reminder of deep time and the futility of attempted human control in the face of inexorable natural forces.


There will be performances, rituals, readings and spaces to share thoughts on the themes of the exhibition throughout the day. There will also be an ongoing bring and share lunch throughout!


Covid Guidance:

- If you have any covid symptoms please come back another day

- Lunch is optional, we'll provide plates and cutlery for the BYO and/or share lunch and please keep your own set with you.

- One person will serve communal dishes.

- Social distancing will be encouraged and hand sanitiser available

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